AZWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023

A WhatsApp version that has every single thing you have been looking for? Sounds good right? Then let us introduce you to the AZWhatsApp APK Download version of WhatsApp. This app comes in different forms but the original version of it is only available on our website so you should get it without worrying about spam.



AZ WhatsApp APK Info

AZWhatsApp APK is a mod version but is familiar with the original WhatsApp. The only change you will notice is that it contains more than the normal features of WhatsApp like the app locks, scheduling texts, using two accounts, and much more. There are more versions but AZWhatsApp is highlighted because of its all-in-one features.

Let us now find out more about the AZ WhatsApp APK in the next section.

NameAZWhatsApp APK
Size45 MB
Update1 day ago


Features Of AZWhatsApp APK

The key features of AZ WhatsApp APK have been described below for you to fully understand the app.

App Lock

Set up a lock for the AZWhatsApp APK so that no one can spy on you. You can use the image lock, folder lock, chat lock, and other such locks for each of the things you want to protect. Your files can be saved to another special folder which would be securely protected with the lock you decide to put on it. You can save gifs, recordings, pictures, and different information documents in a confidential envelope which may be noticeable to you through unique settings.

Secure Your Chats

If you have chats you want to hide and protect from people then this app will do it for you. You can secure chats and protect them any way you like. You can save them in a special az folder or you can put a lock on them while they stay in your inbox.

AZ Theme Store

The WhatsApp az accompanies an inherent extraordinary subject store that has unique topics just accessible for this application clients. Others can not get to it. It contains every one of the subjects free of charge and you can add them rapidly to your application absent a lot of postponement. You can likewise pick cool emoticon packs, new tones, foundation backdrops, and considerably more structure in this store.

Block Audio Receiving

You can stop receiving audios from anyone with az WhatsApp. All the audio files that someone sends you will automatically move to the trash and you will not know if you received any. The voice mail receiving can be blocked too so if that’s what you like, you should get the azwhatsapp apk now.

All Time Online

You can stay online all the time with az WhatsApp even when yo are busy and unavailable. This way if you have a business profile, you will always show availability and responsible. Your online status of yours will keep your clients satisfied too as they would think you are conscious of them and dedicated to your work.

Latest Updates

You won’t feel that you missed any update in light of the fact that the updates will be continually added to your WhatsApp az application. These air refreshes are programmed so you don’t need to actually look at true channels to introduce them. No need of following sites or records for refreshes now since they will be added naturally.


The az translator will help you translate texts into any language for free.

Download And Install the AZ WhatsApp APK

You can download the AZWhatsApp APK with the help of the easy steps below:

  • There is a ‘DOWNLOAD’ box on this web page.
  • Locate it and press it down for the download of the AZ WhatsApp App to begin.
  • After it has finished downloading completely, Go to your cell phone device’s Setting menu >> Security Settings.
  • Select ‘Allow Access to Unknown Sources’ or give the AZ WhatsApp version download access.
  • Look for the AZ WhatsApp Apk file in your downloads folder and open it.
  • Press on the install the AZ WhatsApp App version button when it pops up.
  • Congratulations! It has been downloaded!
  • Download For PC

    You can download the AZ WhatsApp Apk on the Windows PC with the following simple steps:

  • Get Bluestacks software online by downloading it from any third-party source which is safe.
  • Then open it.
  • Now search for ‘AZWhatsApp APK’ and tap on the entering button on your keyboard.
  • Choose the AZ WhatsApp App version from the list that will appear.
  • Now press the ‘install now’ button.
  • Once it completes, you can start using this app immediately.
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    What’s AZ WhatsApp Apk latest version?

    The latest version of AZ WhatsApp Apk is v10.90.

    What is AZWhatsApp?

    Az Whatsapp apk or the z whatsapp is the latest modded WhatsApp which contains more than normal features like the app locks, scheduling texts, using two accounts, and much more.

    How can I update my WhatsApp to AZWhatsApp?

    The Az whatsapp automatically updates itself but if it doesn’t then you can manually install az whatsapp apk updates from the settings menu.
    Now to conclude the whole WhatsApp az App article, let’s move forward.


    So if you are wishful about getting AZWhatsApp APK then you have made a great decision that will benefit you. You will enjoy all resources it offers including the always active status. It will give you a more professional whatsapp profile and help you satisfy everyone you will make conversations with. Feel free to drop down any comment regarding what you want to know.

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